"Innovation Relief recognised that my company could qualify for a Research and Development claim and their tax experts ensured we received the maximum financial benefit. In fact, I was surprised that we were entitled to such a considerable sum which we have now been paid. The process was fully supported, simple and risk free. I would recommend Innovation Relief to any business as there may be a lot of money they are entitled to that they know nothing about".

—  Health and Wellbeing Product Manufacturer and Wholesaler

About Us

Innovation Relief Specialists Ltd are geographically located to provide bespoke support to SME’s and Large Companies across the UK. We are a team of tax relief experts who specialise in Research & Development (R&D) tax credits and Capital Allowances. Our core team has over 20 years’ experience in this field during which time, we have collectively been instrumental in recovering millions of pounds from HMRC for UK SME’s and Large Companies enabling significant reinvestment and creating ongoing business funding.

However, securing financial benefit and assisting clients with their complex R&D claims, is only the tip of the iceberg. Supporting a client’s vision and dreams, in developing a successful company with sustained growth, requires a partner that is committed to embarking on that development journey with us.

Our Vision and Success to date:

At Innovation Relief, our vision is to be viewed as the clients trusted adviser in this area of expertise, providing a fully managed service that, minimises the impact on the individual, or the business as a whole when recovering relief. Additionally, we ensure that we have ongoing engagement throughout each development year, providing guidance and thought leadership thus ensuring, all future claim submissions are fully maximised for the benefit of the business and its development.

With professionalism and integrity being of paramount importance to our team. To ensure integrity with our clients and reputation with HMRC, no claims are submitted unless we are fully confident that they will be upheld.

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